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About the CAICC

The Chicago Alliance for the ICC is a not-for-profit organization dedicated to U.S. participation in the International Criminal Court.  Recent polls indicate that Americans strongly favor the ICC, and our alliance was created to allow Chicago individuals and organizations to make it clear to our elected officials that our government's present obstruction of the Court is inconsistent with our core values, and that our appreciation for freedom and the protection of human rights demand that the U.S. ratify the Rome Statute and become an active participant in the ICC.

We do this by educating the public and organizations about the ICC, providing materials and speakers.  Much of the current rhetoric surrounding the ICC is based on misinformation, and inflates fears that are unfounded and easily assuaged once people learn the truth about the Court.

We also encourage active participation by local organizations in our efforts.  This can be as simple as telling us you wish to join our coalition.  We would then add your organization to our member list, and as this list grows, so does the clarity of the message from the people of Chicago: we want our United States to support, not obstruct, the International Criminal Court, so that we can put an end to the impunity with which people across the world are being stripped of their lives and human rights.  We encourage organizations to adopt resolutions to this effect, and to educate their members about the Court.


The CAICC was convened in the Spring of 2005 by Dan Thomann with the encouragement and guidance of John Washburn, Convener of the New York based American NGO Coalition for the International Criminal Court (AMICC).  The CAICC is modeled after AMICC and is especially interested in working with Chicago chapters of organizations whose national chapters belong to AMICC.  As the CAICC is run entirely by a very small group of volunteers, we are still in the process of initial outreach and will update this section over time.


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For more information on ICC advocacy at the national
level visit the American NGO Coalition for the ICC (AMICC)

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